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What makes a house into a home? What transforms an industrial hall into an event venue with a great atmosphere? What lends character to a corporate building? Immerse yourself in our product worlds and you will find many good answers to your questions. Enjoy!

Who says that beauty doesn’t last? It does – and creative fleurs proves it with its fabric flowers, leaves, fruit, flowering plants and bouquets in fashionable and natural colours. creative fleurs provides inspiration for every kind of artificial flower arrangement – all through the year, especially at Easter and Christmas.

Botanic Haus offers the most beautiful alternatives to genuine plants. Natural stalks with fabric flowers and leaves; artificial plants, trees and ferns made of textiles; our diverse range of products fulfils your every wish – and saves you the chore of watering flowers…

Christmasworld offers festive sparkle, floral materials in the latest trends and colours, stylish decorations and atmospheric accessories, magnificent Christmas trees and creative ideas for gifts. It’s never been so easy to get in the mood for Christmas.

Futuristic, oriental, extravagant – and always something special: Home Decor offers shop window designers and florists an unusual range of lamps, vases and sculptures in a wide range of colours, shapes and materials, as well as creative ideas for major festivals, annual events, and of course your own personal living space.


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As one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of artificial flowers, artificial plants, artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands, as well as accessories, we maintain a presence at every major trade fair. We’re at Christmasworld, nordstil in Hamburg, Trendset in Munich, Cadeaux in Leipzig, plus Zurich and Berne. Where will we be meeting you?

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Our Company

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Since it was founded in Crailsheim, the company Botanic Haus GmbH & Co. KG has developed into one of the finest and largest suppliers on the European artificial flower market. We maintain our leading position by producing creative ideas in product design and providing our customers with innovative service.

We always enjoy the big challenges and stringent demands that our customers bring to us on a daily basis. We see ourselves as a key link in the value-added chain between suppliers, distributors and end-consumers.

What makes us so successful as a system partner are our high-quality products which look so impressively natural. Our highly trained buyers are meticulous when it comes to choosing the materials that inspire us to create more and more attractive new product designs.


professionally qualified buyers and high-quality materials
Supplier audits, Code of Conduct


through product-related design developments with the customer


every year, several hundred containers are sent from the Far East


through our subsidiaries and service companies

Fleurs Park

Visit our 1,000-square-meter exhibition center in Crailsheim. Here you will find year-round inspiration from all our product catagories.

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